12.23.11 Holiday Songs

Special theme edition of the KMP Podcast: Holiday Songs. Click here to hear it.

Featuring songs from Sarah Pirtle, The Hipwaders, David Tobocman, Susan Salidor, Mama Doni, Paul Beaston, Mr. Billy, Hullabaloo, Uncle Moondog, Renee & Jeremy, Big Bang Boom, DidiPop, & Monty Harper.

Plus Evalyn's Pick of the Week, "Snowman in My Freezer"  by  The Bumm Kinns

As always we've provided purchase links to the music we feature.

Happy Listening!



"Snow Came Today"   by  Sarah Pirtle

Snow Came Today - Pocketful of Wonder

"It's Wintertime"  by  The Hipwaders

It's Wintertime - A Kindie Christmas

"Hanukkah All Over the World"   by   David Tobocman

Available at

"Gimmel Gimmel Shin"   by   Susan Salidor

Gimmel Gimmel Shin - Shiny New Shoes

"Latke Man"   by   Mama Doni

Latke Man - Chanukah Fever

Available at

"What Did Ya Get Me for Christmas"   by   Paul Beaston

What Did Ya Get Me for Christmas? - Paul Beaston

"All I Want for Christmas is a New Guitar" by Mr. Billy

All I Want for Christmas Is a New Guitar - A Boy and His Guitar

"White Sand Christmas" by Hullabaloo

"Christmas at the Beach" by Uncle Moondog

Christmas At the Beach - Single - Uncle Moondog

"Sunny Christmas" by Renee & Jeremy

Sunny Christmas - EP - Renee & Jeremy

Available at

"That's Just Christmas" by Big Bang Boom

"Let's Make Santa Claus Happy Tonight" by DidiPop

Let's Make Santa Claus Happy Tonight - DidiPop

"Santa's Laugh" by Monty Harper

Santa's Laugh - Lots and Lots of Christmas Songs for Kids

Available at

Evalyn's Pick of the Week

"Snowman in My Freezer" by The Bumm Kinns

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