11.14.11 Family Songs

Special theme edition of the KMP Podcast: Family Songs. Click here to hear it.

Featuring songs from Istvan & His Imaginary Band, Sugar Free Allstars, Lanny Sherwin, Two of a Kind, Frances England, The Hipwaders, Stacey Peasley, Patricia Shih, Eve & Mare and Mary Kaye.

Plus Evalyn's Pick of the Week, "Home" by David Tobocman

As always we've provided purchase links to the music we feature.

Happy Listening!



"What's Mama Doin'" by Istvan & His Imaginary Band

What's Mama Doin' - Things I Like - EP

"Little Red Wagon" by Sugar Free Allstars

Funky Fresh and Sugar Free - Sugar Free Allstars

"Dad Said a Bad Word" by Lanny Sherwin

Dad Said a Bad Word - I Like Being Me

"This Old Rocking Chair" by Two of a Kind

This Old Rocking Chair - Family Album

"Family Tree" by Frances England

Family Tree - Family Tree

"Little Baby Brother" by The Hipwaders

Little Baby Brother - Educated Kid

"Together" by Stacey Peasley

Together - Together

"Aunts & Uncles" by Patricia Shih

Aunts and Uncles - Your ImaginEngine!

"28 at Grandma's House" by Eve & Mare

28 At Grandma's House - Green Means Go

"Family" by Mary Kaye

Music Box - Mary Kaye

Evalyn's Pick of the Week

"Home" by David Tobocman

Home - I Count to Ten and Other Very Helpful Songs