09.10.11 - Top 10 of 2010

We're back with a special theme edition of the KMP Podcast: Top 10 of 2010. Click here to hear it.

This week we countdown our top 10 favorite CDs of 2010, featuring our favorite song from each album.

As always we've provided purchase links to the music we feature.

Happy Listening!

Lisa and Evalyn


10. Time Out to Rock by The Not It's

Featured song: "Green Light, Go!"

Time Out to Rock - The Not-Its!

9. Luckiest Adventure by Lucky Diaz

Featured song: "This Old Man"

Luckiest Adventure - Lucky Diaz

8. Weird Things Are Everywhere by Judy Pancoast

Featured song: "The Dog Did It"

7. All Around Ralph's World by Ralph's World

Featured song: "Wiggle Your Lah-De-Dah"

All Around Ralph's World - Ralph's World

6. The Final Funktier by Recess Monkey

Featured songs: "Liftoff" & "Moonboots"

The Final Funktier - Recess Monkey

5. This is Fun by Caspar Babypants

Featured song: "Baby's Getting Up"

This is Fun! - Caspar Babypants

4. Take It Outside by The Okee Dokee Brothers

Featured song: "Auctioneer"

Take It Outside - The Okee Dokee Brothers

3. Jungle Gym by Justin Roberts

Featured song: "Sleepoverland"

Jungle Gym - Justin Roberts

2. Funky Fresh and Sugar Free by Sugar Free Allstars

Featured song: "Tiger in My Backyard"

Funky Fresh and Sugar Free - Sugar Free Allstars

1. The Best Candy in the Whole World by Bill Harley

Featured song: "Walk Around the Block"

The Best Candy In the Whole World - And Other Stories by Bill Harley - Bill Harley


Judy Pancoast said...

WOW! Thanks, Evalyn and Lisa, for including "Weird Things are Everywhere!" in your Top Ten of 2010!
It's an honor to be among such great artists as Bill Harley and The Sugar Free Allstars.
Thanks so much for sharing my music with your listeners!
Your pal,

D. Block said...

Thanks thanks thanks! You have great recordings on your list - nice to be in such good company!! Hope all is well!!