05.16.10 Water Songs

This week we bring you a special theme edition of the KMP Podcast: Water Songs. Click here to hear it.

Featuring songs from Erin Lee & Marci, Jim "Mr. Stinky Feet" Cosgrove, Mr. Billy, Dennis Caraher, Charity and the JAMBand, Bobs & Lolo, Dino O'Dell, and Monty Harper.

Plus Evalyn's Pick of the Week, "Woo Woo" by Milkshake.

As always we've provided purchase links to the music we feature.

Happy Listening!

Lisa, Evalyn and Monty


"All Wet" by Erin Lee & Marci

All Wet - Snowdance

"Drink" by Jim "Mr. Stinky Feet" Cosgrove

Drink - Upside Down

"H2O Go-Go!" by Mr. Billy

H2O Go-Go! - H2O Go-Go

"The Little River" by Dennis Caraher

The Little River - Dog Bone Town

"Ridin' the Big Waves" by Charity and the JAMBand

Ridin' the Big Waves - Charity and the JAMband: Peanut Butter and JAM

"Ocean Blue" by Bobs & Lolo

Ocean Blue - Sea Notes

"Giddy Up" by Dino O'Dell

Giddy-Up - Itty Bitty Monsters

"Diving in the Deep Blue Sea" by Monty Harper

Diving in the Deep Blue Sea - Take Me to Your Library

Evalyn's Pick of the Week

"Woo Woo" by Milkshake

Woo-Woo - Bottle of Sunshine


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