05.15.09 Kansas City Jiggle Jam Artists 2008

This week we bring you another special edition of the KMP Podcast: Kansas City Jiggle Jam 2008. We take a look back at last year's 1st Annual KC Jiggle Jam Festival with interviews and cd song clips from Dino O'Dell, Funky Mama, Jim "Mr Stinky Feet" Cosgrove, Justin Roberts, and Trout Fishing in America. Click here to hear it.

For information about the 2nd Annual Kansas City Jiggle Jam visit their website at www.kcjigglejam.com

As always we've provided purchase links to the music we feature.

Lisa, Evalyn and Monty


"Puddle Jumper" by Dino O'Dell

Puddle Jumper - Itty Bitty Monsters

"Moo Juice" by Funky Mama


Moo Juice - Moo Juice

"This Little Light of Mine" by Jim "Mr. Stinky Feet" Cosgrove

This Little Light of Mine (with Doo Dad Mike & Funky Mama) - Upside Down

"Pop Fly" by Justin Roberts

Pop Fly - Pop Fly

"My Hair Had a Party Last Night" by Trout Fishing in America

My Hair Had a Party Last Night - My World

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