10.29.08 - Halloween Songs, Part II

We had so many Halloween songs we couldn't fit them into one show! Part II includes songs from Rebecca Frezza & Big Truck, Carole Peterson, Erin Lee & Marci, The Hipwaders, Baze and His Silly Friends, Mary Kaye, Sue Schnitzer, Mini Monster Club, Monty Harper, Karl Williams, Marla Lewis, Mr. Billy, and Steve Blunt. Click here to hear it.

As always we've provided links to the music we feature. When you use the links from this blog to make a purchase, you support both the artists and our podcast. Thanks!

Happy Halloween!

Lisa & Evalyn


"Spooky Dance" by Rebecca Frezza & Big Truck

Spooky Dance - Special Kind of Day

"Black Bat Farm" by Carole Peterson

"The Moonlight Wolfbite Batjuice Jamboree" by Erin Lee & Marci

The Moonlight Wolfbite Batjuice Jamboree - Snowdance

"Howling at the Moon" by The Hipwaders

Howling At the Moon - The Hipwaders

"Scare Me Scare You" by Baze and His Silly Friends

Scare Me, Scare You! - Toddlerville

"The Skeleton Song" by Mary Kaye

The Skeleton Song - Spin Your Web

"Your Bones" by Sue Schnitzer

Boo, Cackle, Trick or Treat - Your Bones

"Skeleton Bones" by Mini Monster Club

CD available at the Mini Monster Club's website

Skeleton Bones - A Not Very Scary Halloween

"Skeleton Dance" by Monty Harper

Song available as part of Monty Harper Songcast - October 2006: Halloween Madness

"Merry Halloween" by Karl Williams

Merry Halloween - Big Fish Little Fish

"Boogey Woogey Man" by Marla Lewis

The Boogey Woogey Man - I Love to Talk to Plants

"Scarecrow A Go Go" by Mr. Billy

Scarecrow A-Go-Go - Big Pumpkin

Evalyn's Pick of the Week

"Pumpkins Beware" by Steve Blunt

Pumpkins, Beware - Outta School!

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Anonymous said...

Another great Halloween song is "One Halloween Night/Werewolf" from SteveSongs' On A Flying Guitar CD.