03.19.08 - Songs for Spring

Special Edition - Songs for Spring

"Ten Little Robins" by Mary Kaye
MARY KAYE: Spin Your Web Buy the CD
Download from Mary Kaye - Spin Your Web
"Clean Air" by Jump for Joy Music
JUMP FOR JOY MUSIC: Singing! Singing! Buy the CD
"Rainbow" by Lemonsquare
LEMONSQUARE: Music for Fun Buy the CD
Download from Lemonsquare - Music for Fun
"Gonna' Plant a Garden" by Madeline L Pots
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Download from Madeline L Pots - Gonna' Plant a Garden
5 Little Bunnies by Joanie Calem
JOANIE CALEM: Dancing Through the Seasons with Joanie Calem Buy the CD
101 Rabbits by Russ Clayton
RUSS: In Our Balloon Buy the CD
Download from Russ - In Our Balloon
"Butterfly Flutter By" by Rick Hubbard
CD Available at Rick's website


Evalyn's Song Pick of the Week

"Hummingbird Hum" by Monty & Evalyn Harper
MONTY HARPER: Paws Claws Scales & Tales Buy the CD
Download from Monty Harper - Paws Claws Scales & Tales **************************************************

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