3.07.07 - A Gentlewind Artists - Pam Donkin, Lisa Atkinson, Sammy Haynes

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Evalyn's Song Pick of the Week

"Rain" by Mary Kaye

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Children's Music Videos Are Needed for the Buck Howdy TV Pilot

Steve Vaus, Executive Producer of Prairie Dog Entertainment writes:

We are beginning production on the pilot for the Buck Howdy television show - One of the elements of the show is the inclusion of music videos from other artists.

If you have a broadcast quality (and broadcast ready) video to which you control ALL the rights (the underlying composition, the video, the recording, etc), and you would like us to consider it for inclusion, please send us a DVD copy. You must be willing to grant a gratis non-exclusive license

Buck Howdy's Hayride
PO Box 28700
San Diego, CA 92198
ATT: Video

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